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    I am jakesyl a pro blogger and html editor i am currently (age blocked out due to wordpress terms of service and privacy policy) but basicly i am a kid. oter then cp blogging i play cp and chrsdog pacman also i love computer angineering and made my own p.c which eventualy fell on the floor. outsied of the computer i like playing sports- baseball,hokey,soccer,golf,lacrosse, tennis,wrestling,boxing,ufc,football,soccer and any other sport you can name if you want to try you can comment on one of the pages i also love climbing and for my age is best in the statee i only got judged by a pro climber once. i have never entered a climbing competition and do not plan too. alot of times on snow days you can find me on acp chat. i love music. here is my playlist http://www.playlist.com/playlist/17897015819 my playlist really describes me i think it is just my playlist i reccomend you listen to it. skip the first song though i do not no how that got on there. my favorite song on there is probably do'nt touch me by 303 it has one curseword but a four year old showed me it so it is not that bad and that four year olds mom if she heard her son say the wor shush would ground him. lol :) well that's me what are you like show me bye creating a playlist on playlist.com (they are not a sponsor this is an orginization the whole point to this site is to help fight cancer) and then post a comment with the link saying here i am jakesyl. happy cheating


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Hey guys, kid named zach said i should say hi, so hey!

We have moved again!

we have moved again to:http://clubpenguin.back2backgames.com where you will make the post as well as me on this site just go to the register page then make you’re first post yup its that simple so what are you waiting for go to: http://clubpenguin.back2backgames.com play xbox, roblox,DS or any other system or game go to back2backgames.com to help out on that site theres up to 15 post daily by the admins alone!  To register for that site simply click on the register page and will have you up and posting in seconds!


As you know i quit a long time ago but i am still making post.  Even though i go on once a year i still love u guys.  You are awesome and thanks. Anyone want  the site even though i will always stay as an admin.  You can do whatever u want with it as long as you let me post occasionally

Jake Sylvestre

9/11 we remember

guys im back for today i like to post again sometimes.  today we remember not the thousands of lives that were lost.  but we remember the thousands of lives that have had pieces chipped from them like the families or the people who should have been on that plane.  Imagine this you and you’re girlfriend or boyfriend were supposed to go on a vacation or take a tour of the world trade center and you came half hour late and missed the flight or 10 minutes late and you said you would meet her/him up there then pow a plane strikes…. This is why we have to remember not only remember but make sure nothing like this ever happens again.  We completed our mission we are america and we can get through this.

Sorry yesterday I could not post this because I had computer problems

Back for a quick post

Just wanted to see how you guys were doing If you want you can message me on twitter and i will respond. Anyone want to be an admin?


Hey guys,

It’s jakesyl i am quitting club penguin but not this blog.  Thats right i am going to post poptropica cheats and some cp news too.  Oh and Club penguin has lost 1/6 of there members.  I reccomend you quit too.  Oh if you ever want to contact me email me at jakesyl@gmail.com.  Oh or go to roblox.  go to people and search jakesylmonster not jakesyl though.  Jakesyl was taken by a noob.  I also play poptropica.  I have beaten all the islands but am not a member. 



I play ROBLOX! as jakesylmonster at ROBLOX, a addictive creative world